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  • To bridge the agricultural technology gap at grass root level
  • To link farmers with newly emerging globalized world by providing them information and guidance
  • To generate employment in the field of agriculture and allied disciplines. Agriculturalist should become service provider
  • Integration of Information Technology in rural system for their development.

Hi-tech Agriculture

Establishment of Agricultural Technology Information Centre (ATIC) AIMS

  • Reaching to Un-reached
  • One stop hub for farmers
  • To work as a single window delivery system, where farmers get information and inputs at one place

Activities of ATIC at Glocal University

To provide technological Inputs like

  • Seeds planting material,
  • Bio-fertilizers, Bio-pesticides,
  • Literature on agriculture, horticulture, forestry, vegetables, animal husbandry and agricultural implements.

Establishment of Glocal Plant Health Clinic


  • Providing diagnostic services related to agriculture and its allied fields
  • Facilitating laboratory tests on soil samples, fertilizers.
  • To provide farm advisory through “Glocal Helpline Services” to the farmers and others on phone, mobile phone number by calling a toll free Glocal Kisan call Centre.

Innovation towards Monitoring & Surveillance

Fascinating plan to introduce the DRONE technology at the Glocal University.

  • This strategic vision for School of Agricultural Sciences, which will be an asset to our Glocal University and in particular for agriculture development in rural areas.
  • Monitoring of Pests in different crop Ecosystem/Forest/Horticulture Crop pest surveillance and monitoring are the very important corner stones in pest management programme.
  • It gives complete vigilance of the pest, N.Es, cropping system and weather forecast.

It is useful in following ways

  • Identification of geographical distribution key mortality factor, peak activity, mode of carry over and off-season survival of the pest.
  • Conservation of N.Es
  • Precision Farming
  • Remote sensing and information system.
  • Preparedness of Crop protection Managers and Farmers
  • Avoidance of excessive use of pesticides
  • Reduction in crop production cost
  • Environment protection


  • To impart the practical knowledge and R&D activities, the Glocal School of Agricultural Sciences is to supplement adequate infrastructures like-
  • Crop Research Centre (CRC)
  • Organic Farming Research Centre (ORC)
  • Vegetable Research Centre (VRC)
  • Model Floriculture Centre (MFC)
  • Medicinal plants Research and development Centre (MPRDC)

Course of Action:

  • To carryout basic and strategic research on Agriculture/vegetables for development of new varieties.
  • To develop superior, disease and insect –pest resistant high yielding varieties/hybrids of major vegetable crops.
  • Standardization and demonstration of advanced production and protection technologies including protected cultivation. Production and distribution of high quality agriculture/vegetable breeder seeds and planting materials.
  • Collection, evaluation and maintenance quality agriculture/vegetable breeder seeds and planting materials germplasm
  • To conduct varietal trial on major vegetables/agriculture crops.
  • Avoidance of excessive use of pesticides
  • Station/State varietal trials.
  • Organic farming on vegetable/agriculture crops.
  • To disseminate and promote technologies for sustainable management of vegetables and their resource