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The School of Agricultural Sciences is engaged in all three activities, Teaching, Research and Extension programme. Faculty members are involved in Teaching, Research and Extension activities in an integrated manner.

Various activities of three departments of School of Agricultural Sciences are summarized as follows;

A. Undergraduate schooling of Agriculture/Forestry and Horticulture

B. Ph.D.


1. Research on organic farming
2. Research on Integrated Pest Management
3. Research on vegetable production
4. Research on mass production of Bio agents
5. Research on mass production of Bio-pesticides
6. Research on development of Bio-pesticides as a cottage industry and development of entrepreneurship among rural youths of area


1. Conduction of Frontline Line Demonstrations in the farmers field
2. Conducting visit to farmer fields
3. Popularization of IPM technology in the farmers field
4. Validation of IPM technology in the farmers field
5. Distribution of literature to the farmers
6. Conducting Kisan Goshitis