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 a) Books & Book Chapters:

  • Recent Advanced in Entomology, 1987. Contributed chapter “Current Status of Sugarcane Pyrilla and its Biological Control in India, pp. 286-307. Kalyani Publications, Kanpur.

  • Concepts and innovations in the field of Biological Control. IBID

  • Biopesticides and Pest Management. Contributed chapter “Influence of Temperature and Insecticides on the Parasitization by Trichogramma chilonis Iishii on the Eggs of Corcyra cephalonica (Stainton) pp. 271.

  • M. A. Khan and Suneel Kumar 2006. Biodiversity of Entomofauna: Indian Perspective. Compendium Winter School “Role of Insects Biodiversity in Multicrop Ecosystem”. Organized by Department of Entomology, GBPUA&T Pantnagar. Dec, 5th -26th 2006. 25-28pp.

  • Khan M.A., Kumar, S., Arvind Kumar and Maurya, R. P. 2008. Prospect of Bio-intensive Management of Sugarcane Pests. In: Souvenir. 26th All India Workshop of AICRP on Sugarcane, Oct. 16-18, 2006. G. B. P. U. A. & T., Pantnagar, Uttaranchal, India, pp. 100 – 104.

  • M. A. Khan & Sunita Pandey. 2010. Hindi- Javik Keet Niyantrana Ek Upyogi Vidhi. Directorate of experiment station. Govind Ballabh Pant University Of Agricultuire & Technology Pantnagar pp. 53– 75.

  • M. A. Khan, Siddhartha Tiwari, Meena Agnihotri and Sunita Pandey. 2013. Egg parasitoids in legume crops ecosystems. Biological control of Insect pests using egg parasitoids. Springer. 16:373-388.

b) Research Papers: (List enclosed Annexure-i)

c) Popular Articles: (List enclosed Annexure-i)

Technical Bulletin/Research monograph:

Technical Bulletin (Hindi)

  • M. A. Khan, Sunita Pandey,Vasudha Gautam & Budhachandra Thangjam 2011. Javik niyantrako ka utpadan evam jav prablit ekikrat nashijeev prabandhan me upyog. Directorate of experiment station. Govind Ballabh Pant University Of Agricultuire & Technology Pantnagar.Technical bulletin number 176.

Technical Bulletin (English)

  • Khan, M.A. and Agnihotri, Meena 2006. Feasibility Of Biocontrol Of Major Insect Pests Of Soybean. Biological Control Laboratory, Deptt. of Entomology, Pantnagar. 63 pp.

e) Monograph: Taxonomic studies of Eulophid parasitoids of India. Pantnagar Journal of Research Vol. 2 (1) Special supplement Jan-June 205, 1-230

Membership of Scientific bodies/Societies etc.

  • Entomological Society of India.

  • Plant Protection Association of India.

  • Entomological society Pantnagar.

  • Society for Biocontrol Advancement.

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