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Road Map Planning for Vegetable Research Centre

  • Raising of seedlings of different vegetables in different seasons.
  • Sowing of vegetable seeds, transplanting of seedlings.
  • Manure and fertilizers and water managements in vegetables crops.
  • Weed control in vegetable production.
  • Use of growth regulators in vegetable production.
  • Harvesting of vegetables.
  • Seed production technology in vegetable crops.
  • Marketing of vegetables.
  • Marketing of vegetables from the farmer’s field direct to the open market.
  • Economics of vegetable production.
  • Preparation of cropping schemes for a given research Centre and demonstration to the farmers.

Validation of the technology at Farmer’s field

  • Conduction of farmer’s fair at Glocal University.
  • Conduction of field day at FARMER’S FIELD for one day.
  • Supply of extension material to the farmer e.g., leaflets, booklets etc.
  • Popularization of extension activities through media, TV regarding Glocal University Agriculture Technology.