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Strategic Planning

  • The Glocal School of Agricultural Sciences integrates all the three function viz., education, research and extension services for sustainable development of agriculture.
  • To Provide high quality research and development to the students with an understanding and ability to apply fundamental principles of agriculture, horticulture, vegetable production and cereal varieties development, their seed production, disease and insect pest management and post-harvest management.
  • To develop knowledge about the various Agriculture, Horticulture, and vegetable crops for the enhancement of production and productivity of vegetables, Cereals, Horticulture commodities in the rural area.

Requirement and Challenges

  • To carryout basic and strategic research on Agriculture/vegetables for development of new varieties.
  • Standardization and demonstration of advanced production and protection technologies including protected cultivation and organic farming
  • Production and distribution of high quality agriculture/vegetable breeder seeds and planting materials.

Basic infrastructure of different laboratories

  • Soil testing laboratory, to cater the need of the farmers of the area
  • Well equipped labs for organic farming viz.,
  • Bio logical control laboratory
  • IPM laboratory

Personality Development of Students

  • Students are motivated for dealing through seminars talks on the relevant topics and acquaintance with various innovative technologies.
  • Power point presentation are arranged where the students are exposed for interaction among the students.
  • A strong course curriculum, which includes RAWE, Plant Health Clinics and Practical Crop Production, are the assets of Glocal University agriculture programme, which excludes it from other Universities.